2012年11月18日 星期日

Rainforest is disappearing.

What happened to our earth?
Our rainforest is disappearing, and the disappearing speed is more fast than you think. Here are some international web page can help you to know more about our rainforest. As a global citizen, you can do something good to our own earth.




NCTU Indonesia I-DO team recruitment seminars:
11/26 19:00 浩然圖書館國際會議廳B廳

2013 Volunteer registration deadline:

2012年11月17日 星期六

what is international volunteer

Not only us, but also them are touched by each others.
In the four-day camp, taught and been taught, gave touch and been touched.
We hope them can view this world in many different perspectives.
"Will you come back here next year?", they asked. but we didn't answer such a simple question.
This question invokes an issue about international volunteer.
What we have to do is not simply coming here, giving something and leave, but doing something for the earth in a long term.

2012年11月15日 星期四


交大土木系大四 楊廣培

交大資工所碩一 徐維遠
在印尼期間身處異地,小到生活習慣,大到服務內容,都必須重新適應。慢慢地融入Home Stay的家人們,參與在地集會和活動,體會部落思維和務農生活。透過簡單誠懇的交談,漸漸的把可以自己放在他們的處境下思考雨林對他們的意義。

交大資工所碩一 鄭百鈞

交大資工所博三 施詠宏

2012年11月14日 星期三


Mr. Syamsul(the first one from left), a teacher in Thousand Hill High School,  drives us to school everyday.
He is really good at music. Playing paino, fluent and singing are just a piece of cake.
MR. Sofian(the first one from the right) is an English teacher.
He is a human guy and always makes other laugh. Also he shares a lots about school and local knowledge in Indonesia.
One of us has took a free ride with his motocycle, just like a super star HAHA~
Mr. John interacts with us a lots in the camp. He is also a human guy :D

Fruit with lots of thorns

This is the first day morning we arrive at the school.
In order to share the concept of wild perennial crops(WPC), some members search for some samples around the school with Mr. Sofian
We meet the student taught by Mr. Sofian and he introduces lots of the WPC in his own farm.

The most interesting thing is that, the guy climbs up to a tree and throws a thing with lots of thorn down to the Mr. Sofian
That is really shock because we thought Mr. Sofian may get hurt!
Huuuu~ that thorns are soft~ HAHA!

Prepare for the camp!

Every night, after finishing our dinner and have a meeting, we have to prepare for the courses tomorrow.
We share a lots of pictures and experience in the rain forest.
We work together to organize pictures and films, put them together with a story and come up some activities.
Depend on the situation we adjust the way of story telling and sharing.
After the whole things are done, it is almost 2 a.m, and we still have to get up on 6.
But the passionate and the smile of children keep us going on!

Progress report

Hello everyone, here is the link of our progress report for 2012.
Hope you enjoy :D!

ASUS progress report (English)
feel free to download it! there are some comment to help you understand more.

School presentation (Chinese)

Poster - 1, Introduction of I-DO 3 team (Chinese)

Poster - 2, Plan for 2012 (Chinese)

Poster - 3, Progress report for 2012 (Chinese)

Poster - 4, Progress report for 2012 (Chinese)

Poster - 5, Team members (Chinese)

Poster - 6, Team members (Chinese)

Diary - 20120706

20120706, shock on the hill

        Terrible day really! All of us just start our trip with tired muscle and legs. Without enough sleeping (I wake up at 5:30 and do my laundry for a hour), I feel terrible in the morning.

        Start at about 9:30 am and walk into the rain forest. Just after a short period of time. Elton feels that he cannot make it. He just wants to turn back immediately. But Arne keep pushing he forward. (Elton got some  problems)

        We divide into two groups just like yesterday, because Arne thinks we’re are behind and need to speed up. We just bring another guide and pass the original team. I tell Marco to watch out for the whole team. When we reach the top, it’s quite surprising that the local people burn down the forest to make room for tobacco just because it grows well with much higher quality. I think that local people don’t know that’s really bad.(the figure above)

        After that, we keep climbing up and try to reach our destination. When we get about 2000 high, Arne’s leg feels really bad. And the time ran out. So Arne decides to turn back. It takes us about 4 hours to get back.

        The most scaring thing is that we thought we are far behind the original group, but when we get back to the start point, we are informed that they haven’t come back yet. It’s getting dark and the clouds cover the whole sky. There are some lighting and it seems that it’s going to rain. The only thing we can do is to ask the teacher and the guide in our team to go into the rain forest to find them.

        One hour past, they finally come back. THANKS GOD!!
        They just cross the river again because the guide cannot find the original way and he doesn’t have a tool to cut off some grass in the road. It takes a long time for them to move along the river; it seems that their shoes can never dry.

        After taking bath, I start to check my legs and I find lots of wound! Maybe it’s because I slide too many times. Nine hours walking for almost 10 km in the forest, sometimes you cannot see any path there and you have to go straight up and down.